Curriculum Vitae Tips and Techniques

A curriculum vitae (CV) is one of the most important things to have these days when looking for employment.  Without a CV you are just about unable to sell yourself and let employers know what they are missing out on.  A CV is designed to let the employer know all your best attributes, skills, training and employment history.  Don't forget to add your work related referees, otherwise the employer has no way of checking your honesty about yourself on your CV.  If you state on your CV that you have or are capable of certain skills, you should be able to fulfil those duties if employed.

Remember a CV only gets you the interview, you get yourself the job.

Dos and Don'ts


  •  Use an easy to read font and stick to that font.
  •  Use page numbers if your CV contains more than 3 pages.
  •  Check, check and check again spelling and grammar. 


  •  Use small font size.
  •  Do not put page number on first page if it is a cover page.
  •  Add a photo of yourself.
  •  Coloured paper will not photocopy, fax or scan properly.
  •  Definitely do not trust your computer's spell check.