Do you want to reduce your hiring costs?

Employees are your most precious and most expensive resource.   With great employees your business can flourish and grow.  When you employ staff it is important to take time to ensure you are sourcing the best applicants, asking the right questions and making the appropriate selection.

  • At Elevate our team hire people everyday.
  • We know where to find the best applicants. 
  • We know the questions to ask.
  • We know how to select the best person.

Our team aim to gain a complete understanding of the skills and expertise that  are needed to make your business successful.  Working together we can assist you in finding the best staff for you.  Whether it is for one day, six months or permanently we are committed to ensuring both employers and employees are happy.

We are committed to ensuring our clients and candidates receive the
best service.

  • Temporary and permanent staff
  • Minimise your risk in hiring decisions, we hire people everyday
  • Save time and money so you can focus on your business and
    make money instead
  • Staff available at short notice to cover your unplanned absences
  • Friendly efficient service that means dealing with us is easy
  • North Canterbury based with local knowledge which means local

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