Our Culture

Our Culture



Our culture provides the foundation to achieve our vision:

To grow Canterbury by supporting local businesses and employees, through effective recruitment solutions.

Our culture is at the base of all we do – how we live, work and develop relationships with people and businesses.


Professional - friendly, fun and family


  • *    We love people from all walks of life, enjoying meeting and getting to know our candidates, clients and team members.  All our consultants are good listeners. We listen to understand.
  • *    Communications are always confidential.  We respect the need for privacy and discretion.
  • *    In work and our personal lives we have integrity, always being truthful and empathetic.
  • *    Understanding and interpreting body language, the tone and content of conversations is second nature to all consultants.
  • *    We are all continually learning and upskilling ourselves; open to new ideas and ensuring our knowledge is accurate and current.
  • *    Work is a large part of our life – it has to be FUN!  We work together; support each other, our candidates and our clients.
  • *      Family and friends are important to our consultants, to our candidates and to our clients.  We each have other people that we depend upon and they depend upon us.