What NOT to do

  • Do not swear or use slang.
  • Don't slouch or fidget. Try to use positive body language, e.g.
  • Looking at the person talking to you rather than around the room shows attentiveness.
  • Don't tap your feet or fingers as this is a sign of boredom.
  • Making your body appear bigger e.g. hands on hips, chest and chin thrust out, is commonly seen as a dominant and aggressive stance.
  • If you don't understand anything ask them to repeat or explain it rather than guessing and risking appearing foolish.
  • It is usually not appropriate to discuss salary/wages during a first interview, however, if they mention it then you should make the most of the opportunity to discuss their potential offer and your expectations. If they introduce the subject by asking what your salary expectation is, turn the question around and politely ask what they are prepared to pay; this means you are not limiting yourself. You do not have to agree to anything at this stage until or unless they actually offer you the position.

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